Forum Central is a complete messaging center for discussion forums.  It is extremely easy to use.
The diagram shown below, displays each pane in the window. 
The leftmost Forum topics pane (currently showing Introduction etc) shows the forum topic subject listings.  By clicking on a topic entry in this area, a list of message headings will display in this, the Message List pane.  By then clicking on one of the messages in this list, the actual message will be displayed in the Message pane below.



Message List


To create a new topic for discussion ...
Click on 'Compose Topic' on the Toolbar.

To add a new message to the topic itself..
Click on 'Compose Message' when the Topic list is being displayed.

You can always return to this screen by selecting 'Introduction' in the Topics list.

Please Note:
For those people who have used similar messaging on internet newsgroups - you cannot 'reply to a reply' on this system.   Only one level of message dialogue is maintained.